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Epizoda 09
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Kayneth wakes up with his body tied to a bed. Sola-Ui tells Kayneth that his Magic Circuits inside his body were destroyed by Kiritsugu's bullets and he can never use magic again. She offers to become Lancer's new Master, but realizing that it's because Sola-Ui has feelings for Lancer, Kayneth refuses. He eventually concedes after Sola-Ui begins to break his fingers in retaliation, and relinquishes Lancer's Command Seals to her. Despite Sola-Ui becoming his new Master, Lancer wishes to remain loyal to Kayneth, but Sola-Ui convinces him to keep fighting with her, using Kayneth's honor as a pretext. Kiritsugu decides to hunt Kayneth down despite Irisviel and Saber's wishes to stop Caster. Meanwhile, Waver and Rider manage to find Caster's lair, where they are horrified to see the mutilated bodies of his victims. Before setting Caster's lair on fire, Rider kills an Assassin targeting Waver and drives off two more. With Waver and Rider now knowing their secret, Tokiomi orders Kirei to send his Assassins to spy on them.

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