Polna moč telesa in duha! Goku in Vegeta!!

Epizoda 123
Pred 4 leti

With Vegeta down, Goku faces off against Jiren. Meanwhile, the other battles continue. Frieza decides to start fighting Dyspo seriously, while Gohan and Android 17 are outmatched against Top. Outmatched in power, Goku instead uses controlled ki blasts to create a minefield around Jiren, but it has no effect on him. Goku lures Jiren onto a large rock that extends out over the edge of the fighting stage and cuts through the rock with a Destructo Disc. This causes Jiren to fall, but Jiren is able to jump off the falling debris and flies back onto the fighting stage. Angered by his near-elimination, Jiren finally unleashes a fraction of his real power and easily overwhelms Goku with a volley of punches. The force from Jiren's volley of punches forms an energized punch that reverts Goku into his base state. Goku and Vegeta both get back up and power up to Super Saiyan Blue. Goku uses his maximum Kaio-ken beyond his previous limitations. Vegeta is able to surpass his limits by tapping into more ki in his body. Vegeta attains a transformation similar to the Ascended Super Saiyan form known as the Super Saiyan Blue Evolution form. Fully powered up, Goku and Vegeta attack Jiren as a team. Goku and Vegeta are able to catch Jiren off guard with their uncoordinated attacks.

Kategorija: Shounen

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